My Writing

I love books! As a child, those that captured my imagination the most were the stories in which a group of kids would set out on an adventure and stumble upon something fantastic and then have to overcome incredible obstacles. This inspired me to write fantasy fiction remembering this as a very special time in my life; where I preferred being in those magical worlds rather than living in the world I saw around me. Now, as a writer myself, I get to go on these amazing journeys with my characters every day and step into their secret worlds.

I hope that you too enjoy the secret worlds I have discovered on these epic adventures!

The Girl of Souls & Shadows – Coming 2024

Maggie Storm isn’t like other kids. She can’t grasp happiness, it just seems so elusive, the harder she tries the further it slips away. And it’s not just the negativity, sometimes she feels so much rage she’s afraid of what she might do. But there is a reason for Maggie’s anger and it can only be found deep in the heart of Scotland.

Things take a turn for the worse when her mother announces that they are moving. Maggie’s mad, she doesn’t want to move from the home she grew up in, but there’s a bigger reason she’s resisting, her destiny awaits her beneath the cliffs of Scotland and it rattles her bones as it calls to her across the ocean.

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