S.K. Lamont hails from a land of castles and dragons, well maybe not dragons! But she does miss Scotland a lot, and uses her homesickness to conjure up exciting adventures in wild Scottish landscapes. She hopes to go back home one day and live on the side of a cliff.

In the meantime she lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina with her husband, six children and her crazy Jack Russell, who provide much inspiration for her fantasy adventures.

Turning her hand to writing later in life, after pursuing many of her own colorful adventures into dance, working with clay and life coaching–she helped thousands of people over a ten-year period discover their ‘happy’ and in the process found hers–writing! Although she still enjoys her other creative outlets as they help her delve deeper into her stories.

Being an avid book reader, she can demolish a book in two days. Well, that was before having six kids and spending her days writing and editing in the spaces in between. Now it takes a little bit longer.

Having traveled the world extensively and marrying her America husband, in the last couple of years she felt a growing longing for her homeland, Scotland. Hence her writing career was unleashed in pursuit of her desire for high adventure and dynamic landscapes. Now she questions if the adventures she lives in her head could even compete with the real world, as it appears to be missing a few key ingredients, like dragons and wee weird creatures.

In addition to writing and artistic pursuits, she loves spending time in the woods, beach combing, sharing stories with her children at bedtime and snuggling up on the sofa with her brood and a wee cup of tea. Her and her husband love going to art shows and restaurants in and around Asheville, or getting cozy and watching movies together. In the future they plan to travel to faraway places. One day, she may even be able to convince her hubby to get her a wee ginger moggy,

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